Stair Lifts

When age or illness restrict your mobility you can become a prisoner in your own home. Do you choose to remain upstairs where the bath and bedrooms are? How then will you access the kitchen? Do you move downstairs into a smaller guest room neglecting your familiar surroundings? With Affordable Home Access you can regain access to any room in your home.

Our stairlift solutions make it possible for you or your loved one to easily access basements, second floors, garages and other areas that are typically off limits to those who rely on mobility devices. Choose from a wide variety of affordable, high-quality stairlift options to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Affordable has the experience to find the perfect solution no matter your stair way configuration. Whether curved, straight, separate landings, long stair cases or short. We will help you glide upstairs comfortably. Each stairlift is durable, strong and easy to operate. They provide several safety systems including a seat belt and simple to controlpower lever. We carry name-brand stair lifts such as Harmar and Bruno.

Other companies also have stair lifts. With Affordable Home Access you get over 15 years of experience making homes more accessible. Additionally, our founders both come from the nursing industry. Through Care Givers they have provided services to the elderly for years.

  • Bruno Chair Stair
  • Harmar Stair Lifts
  • Stairway Lifts
  • Curved or Straight StairLifts

We know how to care for the elderly, disabled and handicapped. Let us help you. Call to schedule your "Free Inspection".

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