Home Accessibility Ramps

When a few steps loom like Mount Everest getting in and out of your home can seem next to impossible. These challenges can make one feel like they have a real handicap when they really just need a little help. Don't let this stand in your way and cause depression when a custom built ramp will solve your problems. Having a handicap should not limit you. Whether your mobility is impaired by age, disability or temporarily limited due to surgey Affordable Home Access can return your freedom of movement.

Every person and home is different that is why we take the time to get to know you and examine your home. On our inspection we take measurements, check the layout of entryways, count the stairways and steps that you must travel. Then we listen to your concerns and help you select the ramp that is right for you. That discussion will include budgets and our help in securing financing through insurance or veteran's benefits.

Handicap Ramp Variety

Wooden ramps - provide a beautiful customized solution. They are built onsite to your specifications and can enhance not only accessibility but the look of your home.

Aluminum ramps - aluminum is strong, durable and affordable. The pieces are pre-fabricated and we assemble at your home.

Scooter ramps - if you are in a motorized chair then a scooter ramp is perfect to allow you to move around the home with ease.

Threshold ramps - these help those in wheelchairs increase mobility by overcoming doorway hurdles

Wheelchair ramps - wider and buily on a gentler slop wheelchair ramps help those in non-motorized chairs.

ADA Certified

Affordable Home Access follows all of the specification for ADA handicap ramps. Your safety and long term use of your ramp is important so all our handicap ramps are sturdily built and totally ADA compliant. Each ramp can support the weight of all types of: whhelchairs, scooters, hospital beds and multiple people at once. Let us improve your mobility

Schedule your free consultation today to improve your home's accessibility and restore your peace of mind: 877-317-3713.

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