Decision Steps

Your discovery process starts here

If you're interested in taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity, the following steps will reveal whether you're the right fit for an AHA franchise and whether we're the right fit for you.

1. Download a free franchise kit. This will give us an idea if you have the financial resources and the business experience required to be a successful AHA owner.

2. Participate in a discovery call with a Franchise Coach. Conducted via Skype or phone, this informal get to know you session enables us to follow up on the information you provided and learn more about your interest.

3. Become familiar with us through brand presentations. Your Franchise Coach will walk you through a series of AHA presentations to give you a more in depth look at who we are, what we do, and how it's all done.

4. Meet the team. If we agree that there's a mutual fit, you will be invited to our corporate office to spend an informative day with the AHA team.

5. We make the final decision. If we choose to award you a franchise, you will have an important decision to make. If your due diligence has been thorough, we think your decision will be an easy one.

Dedicated to your success. Every aspect of our franchise support system is designed to facilitate your success. From a simplified royalty schedule and cloud-based financial systems to referral source relationships and marketing support, our goal is to help your business thrive.

Speak to an AHA Franchise Coach at 877.317.3713.

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