Ideal Candidates

Fit is everything

If you're looking for a high-quality business opportunity that puts you in control of your future, AHA just might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Who is the ideal owner of an AHA franchise? Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and money to invest can own an AHA franchise. Ideal candidates are people with skills, beliefs, and values common among our most successful franchisees: a drive to succeed, a desire to grow a recession-resistant business, a passion for customer service and a can-do attitude. Ideal candidates are also:

  • Owners of durable medical equipment companies who are in the market for ways to offset the revenue lost when the Medicare reimbursement for DME goods changed, thereby impacting their most profitable business.
  • Veterans, especially the beneficiaries of federal assistance programs for those who have served in our military.
  • Owners or former employees of healthcare companies who can see the demographic writing on the wall and the resulting revenue streams.
  • Investors with a passion for helping others who want to own a business that improves quality of life for society's most vulnerable.

AHA franchisees aren't interested in re-inventing the wheel. They use their unique skill sets to follow our proven franchise model and propel their businesses forward.

If your beliefs, values and skills match ours, the AHA franchise opportunity may be for you.

Dedicated to your success. Every aspect of our franchise support system is designed to facilitate your success. From a simplified royalty schedule and cloud-based financial systems to referral source relationships and marketing support, our goal is to help your business thrive.

Speak to an AHA Franchise Coach at 877.317.3713.

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