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Commercial projects provide additional revenue streams

Homeowners aren't the only ones who need modification services. Businesses across the country are looking for ways to increase the accessibility of buildings in response to a growing demand from disability advocates and pressure from regulatory authorities. In an effort to provide businesses with accessibility modification services and, in turn, drive revenue to franchise owners, the AHA corporate office has cultivated three unique commercial opportunities.

1. Strategic Alliances with other service providers: Many companies that provide services for the elderly and disabled are asked by their clients for referrals to companies that can make modifications to homes. It's exactly these types of situations that inspired us to create our Strategic Alliances Partnership Program. Through this initiative, we teach our AHA franchisees how to identify, contact, and build synergies with other local companies serving this lucrative market.

2. Partnerships with national service providers: For a variety of business reasons, many companies today choose to outsource facilities management services to National Service Providers (NSPs). Typically, these NSPs work for large companies with many different business locations to find, qualify, secure bids and manage contractors. AHA has built relationships with many quality NSPs, which gives our franchise owners the opportunity to do jobs for firms with a regional or even national presence.

3. Direct partnerships with commercial entities: High demand for AHA’s residential services has spurred interest among business owners, schools, hotels, churches and other organizations looking for ways to make their buildings and facilities accessible as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. AHA now boasts a number of corporate partnerships that drive sales and revenues directly to our franchisees.

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