Chair Lifts

When you are confined to a wheel chair getting upstairs is a chore if possible at all. With Affordable Home Access you can regain access to every room in your home. Do not let mobility challenges prevent you from fully enjoying your home. We sell and install chair lifts from national companies like Bruno and Harmar.

Our chair lift solutions make it possible for you or your loved one to easily access basements, second floors, garages and other areas that are typically off limits. Choose from a wide variety of affordable, high-quality chair lift options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Affordable Home Access has been serving seniors through our sister company Care Givers for several years.

In addition to a variety of solutions for the home we provide lifts and scooter carriers for autos, SUVs and Trucks. Our consultants will meet with you to explain options and examine your home to take measurements. We active;y work with you to find financing through insurance, VA Benefits so that many times you have no out of pocket expenses. Let us hekp make your life a little easier. Call today for your free evaluation.

Car Lift Stand and Assist Lift Hoyer Lift
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